What about Wap or mobile access?

  • Fabio Parri

    Fabio Parri - 2005-08-05

    Another cool improvement would be adding wap or light xhtml web pages, so one could check their genealogy. I would find this particularly interesting when I am in parishes archives so I can double-check dates and so on.

    • Roland Dalmulder

      Hi Fabio,

      You are really mobile aren't you? :D How do  see the information displayed and what information?

      I don't have WAP access but from what I know, the current layout is totally not suitable for it. Shouldn't it be like a small format of just person data? Or how do you envision it?



    • Laie Techie

      Laie Techie - 2005-08-09

      I think you meant WML (Wireless Markup Language) not WAP (Wireless Access Point).  In either case, I think it wouldbe hard to get PhpGedView to look good on the small screen of a PDA or cell phone.

    • Fabio Parri

      Fabio Parri - 2005-08-10


      Yes, I meant WML, of course :)
      In my opinion, what I think would be quite useful is a very basic where one can put:

      Name & Surname

      of a person, and see all the data regarding that person, in a very linear, text-based way.

      Would that be difficult to implement?

  • Anonymous - 2010-11-19

    anybody interested in reviving this topic?

  • Alexander Bischofberger

    Well, just take a look at http://www.bluescreen.de/pgviphone. I did some codings for an iphone (read-only) version of phpgedview. First I tried to change some css to adapt it for a mobile phone, but then I found that the only way seems to change the code itself to delete/modify unwanted output. If you like take a look at my code, this should be a good starting point for an WAP implementation. I think a good way would be to use templates (like Smarty) for the mobile output, so we can change the result for any mobile phone we like to…

  • Lester Caine

    Lester Caine - 2010-11-29

    All my own work is smarty based, and pgv is certainly in line to be converted over ;)
    I DID have a good section of stuff converted in an earlier version, but the changes to structure meant that none of it could be ported to the new versions. I think we need to agree centrally how to move to a more flexible theming model?

  • Alexander Bischofberger

    I really hope that the pgv code will not have so much theme parts deep inside. It was one of the hardest things to find out where to delete unnescessary output (e.g. in subfunctions), and sometimes I did this part in a really bad way (e.g. using regex on return strings…). I personally think that

    * a mobile version does not need to have 100% of the "real" version functions (e.g. administration, …)
    * a read-only version could be enough for the first try
    * more mobile phones should be supported, at least "text-only" (= WAP) and iPhone. This should be done by templates
    * The best thing would be to not use the pgv-code, but just use the database entries. I belive it's much easier to write this part completly new then trying to find out the right code and modify it

    But: I published my "read to use" code months ago and thought that lots of users will be happy with this solution. The result until now ist, that only 1 (!) person sent any reaction (email and forum), no one else did even give me a single line of comment. So I decided to use my code for my own site and not do any further modifications. Perhaps I should change this if more people will work on this…


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