Hebrew support in PGV

  • miron

    miron - 2004-08-21

    I know PGV support the:
    1 NAME
    2 ...
    2 _HEB First /Lastname/
    and shows the Hebrew name below the name that is written in NAME.

    I have some questions regarding the _HEB tag and Hebrew support in general:
    1. Will _HEB names appear in the lists (surnames, individuals etc.)?
    2. Is there a similar tag for places? For sources?
    3. Are there plans to implement Hebrew Soundex?


    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2004-09-23

      Hi Miron,

      1. At this time only the first NAME record will appear in the lists and search results.  A Feature Request has been filed for supporting multiple names (including multiple hebrew names) in the lists, but we will not be adding this in the near future.  Perhaps sometime in 2005.

      2. I am not aware of any such tags, and if there were PGV has not be programmed to support them.

      3. We would like to be able to add better soundex support, but the biggest thing holding us back is that there are no known open source implementations that we can borrow from.  So if we implemented this, we would pretty much be starting from scratch which is a project all by itself.


    • Meliza Amity

      Meliza Amity - 2004-10-13


      In 3.2 you can fill
      2 PLAC
      3 _HEB
      and you will see the Hebrew place on the individual page next to the Latin/Romanized one.

      In 3.2 you can also fill for sources
      1 TITL
      2 _HEB
      Both titles are shown separately in the source-list and next to eachother on the source page and on the individual or family source pages.

      It is also possible to fill the main names, places and source-titles in Hebrew and use ROMN instead of _HEB to show the text in Latin/Romanized letters. 

      • miron

        miron - 2004-10-13

        Thanks, I'll try that (now only has to find the program to create it...).


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