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  • Alexander Bischofberger


    The last days I tried to access my PGV site from an iphone, but it was really no fun. So I tried to add some files for a basic iPhone support. All it does is displaying the individual page and some basic information (besides searching etc.). I know there is no support for displaying families, sources etc. I also haven't tested the code on sites with more than 1 gedcom file, data an users with restrictions and some other conditions that are not used on my personal site. The main goal was to not modify any original file, so I needed to copy some functions. I know that my php code is not too good, but - it works!

    Feel free to download the files at  und use them as you like! Any hints and comments are welcome.



  • Anonymous - 2009-12-21


    Could you add this to the 'Patches' section here (Under "Trackers" above). Its more likely to be found there by users keen to access PGV on their iphone, than this discussion forum.

    While there, take a look at this verion. Somewhat older now, but it might have some ideas to help in any further developments you want:

  • Alexander Bischofberger


    Thank you for your reply! I'll post my text in the Patches section again.

    I have seen the article that you linked at the bottom of your text before. This is a different way (not better or worse) to get the same result. I prefer my own solution ( of course ;-)  ). It does not modify any original file and there is no need to set the "mobile" theme for a special "mobile user".

  • Wes Groleau

    Wes Groleau - 2010-01-02

    One problem with iphone/ipod (and any other touch screen) is that hover never happens, so how can we get our menu choices?

    The other is that PGV screens have LOTS of information, while iPhone screens don't have lots of space.

    I've been thinking for a couple of weeks about maybe making a completely different iPhone UI for PGV, i.e., use REST or SOAP to get the raw data and format it client-side.

  • Alexander Bischofberger

    My solution was to not implement the original menus and all the other information that are not really nescessary, but only a few basic data. To create a 1:1 copy of the original site for an iphone would be hard work I think…


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