Anonymous - 2010-11-25

I did a fresh installation of PHPgedview.
Also Joomla.

But creating a new user in PHPgedView seems te be a problem.  It is not working, it is not added to the Database.
I am however getting  a message from the system that a new user exists, but I cannot log in with the new user.

The only way to create the new user in the system, is via the Admin of phpGedView.

What could be my problem?

Are there any files missing?  seperate files maybe?

I don't know exactly, I am getting no error message, that is the biggest problem.  Else I knew where I have to look.

Thank you for helping with my problem.


site: (joomla installation)

Accounts in Joomla seem to be transferred to GedView also, but again not inserted in gedview table