• CarlH

    CarlH - 2011-07-16

    the $REQUIRE_AUTHENTICATION flag is discussed in the online wiki, but does not appear in the latest version. I tried putting that flag into my config.php, but did not work. How can I have an open site using a single GED. I desire NO ONE to have edit capabilities from the site.

    Yes, I even changed the configuration for the GEDCOM file.

  • ggpauly

    ggpauly - 2011-07-17


    Go to the manage Gedcoms page,

    Edit the configuration file,

    Expand the Edit Options section,

    and set the first option, "Enable online editing" to 'no'.

    Note that for users with editing rights the edit links are still available, but following an edit link leads to a message that editing is disabled.



  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2011-07-26

    This topic properly belongs in the "Help" forum.

    What do you mean by "Open site"?  Do you want all visitors to be able to see details about living people, no matter whether they're logged in or not?

    You don't have to disable on-line editing in the GEDCOM configuration.  In fact, this feature can be useful to you, the site admin.

    Instead, you should set the rights of your logged-in visitors.  Do this while logged in as Admin by editing each user's account page and setting the rights.  Normally, you'd set the rights to "Access".


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