List of genealogy rss-feeds (pgv-sites)

  • Arne Eckmann

    Arne Eckmann - 2004-10-31

    Does it already exist - or is anybody planning to establish and maintain a list of PGV sites, which actively is using their PGV-rss-feed in order to reach out to fellow genealogists?

    Since I have family connections in Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Schleswig-Holstein and USA, I wonder if it wouldn't be interesting to employ several rss-feeds in different languages from the same site ?

    Best regards,


    • KosherJava

      KosherJava - 2004-10-31

      Multiple different language feeds are easy. Just use rss.php?lang=french (or any other language as stated in the readme).

    • Arne Eckmann

      Arne Eckmann - 2004-11-01

      Sorry - I neglected to read the readme file :-(

      However, if I make my own news, the language in the news written by me won't change when rss.php?lang=french is changed to another language.

      As it is now, I would have to provide multiple translations in each news-item I write, which again will increase the size of each individual news-item.

      To me it would be cool if each translation of my own news could be placed in separate news-items, in such a fashion that only say my Englishspoken news items would be feed to the receivers FeedReader, when the English language was select...

      This would also have the advantage that news-items in different languages could deal with different matters, and could be more or less intensive ...

      Best regards,


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