• Thomas52

    Thomas52 - 2013-05-11

    Where are the counters saved in 4.3.  My .counters.txt shows 10000+, but the new version page now shows far less visitors.
    Also, has anyone found a way to add a facebook badge to the footer?

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2013-05-11

    There are some who have hacked the code to add these kinds of features, but what is the real purpose of adding FB to genealogy? Don't your friends and relatives (and employees) waste enough of their and your time with social media already? If your relatives are not interested enough in their (and your) ancestral history to participate in your tree, will making it FB friendly help? I doubt it, and you simply add more overhead to an already outdated code base.

    My suggestion. Work on making the main/home page an interesting, welcoming and informative place. Include media, but keep it clean, without complicated charts, or random media, or upcoming events. Write a story about why you have the site and what it takes to join in the fun of expanding your family tree. That will do much more than a FB badge and the bots will like it more too and spread the word about your work.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2013-05-11

    Schema 13 moved hit_counter from text file to db:
    "Version 13: Move the hit-counters to a database table"

  • radioace

    radioace - 2013-05-11

    The hit counters are maintained in the pgv database in table pgv_hit_counter (assuming you used the default prefix for your database during setup).  I assume you are looking for the GedCom hit counter which can be found by searching for page_name = index.php and/or page_parameter = gedcom:# where # equals the number of the Gedcom if you have multiple gedcoms.

    Trust this helps, no help on facebook icon.  Facebook may have down-loadable code which can be inserted to provide a Facebook 'Like' link.  The footer.php file is found in the theme directory your site is using

  • Thomas52

    Thomas52 - 2013-05-12

    Radioace: Thanks for the direction - got it.
    Stephen: Philosophical as ever… I had the FB badge at the bottom of the page as an experiment in the last version.  I was adding the Piwik code - which I find very helpful, and decided to try the FB badge.  It seemed to generate a small amount of social intercourse, and I hadn';t decided yet to continue it.  The FB badge download code is incompatible with the new version, however  I now note the simpler solution for the Piwik, Clustrmap & Google Analytic codes, but just looking at options - prob more of a learning exercise than anything else.
    Thanks all.


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