cannot change max relationship privacy path 1

Mabou T.
  • Mabou T.

    Mabou T. - 2011-07-11

    thank you in advance!

    gedcom privacy settings:
    use gedcom (resn) privacy restriction: No
    Show private relationships: yes
    use relationship privacy: yes
    Max. relation path length: 3

    now, I would like to reduce this for 1 user and I don't know how to do it:
    Update user account
    limit access to related people: checked
    max relationship privacy path length: 1

    but it shows 3 levels? what I am doing wrong?

  • Mabou T.

    Mabou T. - 2011-07-11

    oppsss… wrong forum, I will post it in the Help forum.


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