utf-8/latin1_swedish ?

Lou Hurst
  • Lou Hurst

    Lou Hurst - 2009-08-31

    This isn't so much a help question as it is a what makes it tick question.  Have been following the Help forum Table 'pgv_site_setting already exists thread.

    Out of curiosity because I couldn't remember what I did on the new install I did I checked my PGV database.  The tables and default collation are utf8_unicode_ci.  When I click the structure tab in phpmyadmin I see that some of the is it rows within the tables? are latin1_swedish_ci.  There's no mix/match in those rows, if there's a collation it's just latin1_swedish_ci.

    Since everything is working I'm not going to fix it but is this difference any sort of issue?


    • Anonymous - 2009-08-31

      It might be working OK simply because your GEDCOM file is not big enough to be slowed down by those mixed collations. That is often the only impact. It is especially obvious when using the Search features.

      I would recommend fixing the fields that are not consistent now rather than wait for a problem to appear. Its easily done manually in phpmyadmin if there's only a few.

    • Lou Hurst

      Lou Hurst - 2009-08-31

      I saw I can change the collation, just didn't want to break anything that seems to be working.  Especially without mentioning something first!  I'll change it tomorrow nite.

      • Greg Roach

        Greg Roach - 2009-08-31

        If you "just change it", using phpMyAdmin, you will probably corrupt all your non-ascii characters (accented letters, greek/cyrillic/hebrew/arabic text, etc.)

        A brief explanation of why is here: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2318005&group_id=55456&atid=477081

        • Lou Hurst

          Lou Hurst - 2009-08-31

          Ah good thing I didn't get into any hurry on this . . . excellent explanation Greg, thanks.

    • Lou Hurst

      Lou Hurst - 2009-09-07

      The conversion went well, thanks much, all working well.


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