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  • miron

    miron - 2006-08-20

    Are there any thoughts of customizing PGV to the mobile environment, i.e. devices with small screen resolutions (something like QVGA 240x320) and limited browser capabilities?
    I'd like to hear your ideas and thoughts!
    Will a "minimal" theme, adapted for small screens suffice?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-11-19

    seems like this post died a while back, I'd be interested today though.  I have started some css on the subject.

  • Alexander Bischofberger

    Some months ago I posted a link to wich has a simple "read-only" user interface, optimized for iphone (240 x 320). You can use this code directly or as a base for your ideas.

  • macalter

    macalter - 2010-11-29

    Hi bischofbb:
    Just looked at the PGV iPhone app - can I assume with WiFi connection, it'll work on an iPod Touch 2G (2nd generation)? Also, is this version in German only? Would love a "simplistic" view of my PGV on my iPod.

  • Alexander Bischofberger

    I hope it works on your device. As I "only" have an iPhone to test it, you should just try it. Or get Safari on your computer and open your site using "/iphone" behind your normal site URL.

    All texts come in the language you use when you work with the "normal" PHPGedView, so it should be e.g. English for you.

  • Braulio Ribeiro

    Braulio Ribeiro - 2011-01-11

    I have a genealogy site and used your project as a basis, here is
    I'm trying to modify the pedigree, but I'm having difficulties, I saw that you have created the mobile_print_pedigree_person function, it seems that to commence work on modified pedigree.
    It would be interesting this collaboration just got a bit of trouble since I'm Brazilian and my English isn't very good.
    My site is opened without authentication, so I'm developing the menu according to the original, I'm taking a look at iwebkit (I downloaded the newest version and replaces).

  • Braulio Ribeiro

    Braulio Ribeiro - 2011-01-11

    Just to add, in the genealogical tree of the original tried to catch, but the visual breaks and delay pra process. Would have to have a simple way, but still don't get it right and I think the code would have to be simplified by setting for three generations.

  • Braulio Ribeiro

    Braulio Ribeiro - 2011-01-13

    I'm finalizing the pedigree chart. Missing some improvements and I'm working on it.
    I'm thinking of using the Jqtouch

    I don't have iPhone/iPad/iPod pra test, I'm using Safari to do tests, you may experience bugs and am working to fix.

  • Alexander Bischofberger

    Wow, looks good! I never thought that someone will extend my basic work. I'm afraid that you will have a lot of work to get all your menue items working. I wish I had more time to work on this too…

    BTW: it seems that the core PGV-Team switched to . At this time I'm not sure which of these two forks will be the better, so I will not spend any time on the wrong one… And if is (my personal) winner, perhaps they will change the system to integrate the mobile content easier…

  • Braulio Ribeiro

    Braulio Ribeiro - 2011-01-18

    I saw it, but apparently doesn't have much new thing for now is more a PHPGedView with webtrees, the name that looks like it'll still be a work ahead.
    My job is half immediately flies genealogical I did an optimization, I've specified position rather than the calculations that are made to position the div 's, on the iPhone will leave with two generations.
    I thought about using JqTouch pra improve the transition of the pages, but is that in this case is loaded all pages, which makes the work impossible.
    I will finish the lists next because apparently the issue is easy.
    What I'm going to have difficulty is in the "calendar", "reports", "Family Tree Clippings Cart", "help", I believe that it is not necessary. "Search" will be the continuation of its work.
    Gallery depends on whether the developer will have a mobile version, because the code seems to be complex for me to get to port.
    For other non-iphone versions, I plan to do everything the same way, only changing the layout would be even more layout work and rename of iphone for mobile

  • Braulio Ribeiro

    Braulio Ribeiro - 2011-01-26

    I did upload mobile version that I have for now, the code is not 100% but I'm sharing

    I'm studying Sencha Touch, just don't know if it will be possible to use it, I'm seeing load pages using ajax, study a bit more, work a bit on existing base that caught their work.

  • Anton Largiader

    Anton Largiader - 2012-05-28

    The problem I just discovered with iPad is that the menus don't work. Since they all (or nearly all) have a single-click selection for the menu header item, when you go for that menu with a touch interface you get that item and not the menu itself.

    It seems to me that in order to have menus functioning properly, you have to disable the link for the menu header itself. And we won't really lose anything by doing that:

    For instance:
    Charts is the same as Charts -> Pedigree Chart
    My GedView Portal is the same as My GedView Portal -> My GedView
    Lists is the same as Lists -> Individuals

    These 'shortcut' links need to be killed. Webtrees retains the same functionality, so changing won't fix it. It's been a year or two since I dug into the code, but I guess I'm going there again.

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2012-05-28

    While webtrees retains the same action to which you refer, iOS iPads work fine with the menu selection process on webtrees as we have accommodated this action. Too in SVN, we now accommodate Android.  webtrees is ok for casual browsing and light work with iPads, but it is important to keep in mind that neither type of device has been included within our goal programming, nor is it likely to be in the near term, and it definitely is not phone friendly and won't be until someone with experience with these devices takes up the gauntlet to do so,

  • Anton Largiader

    Anton Largiader - 2012-05-29

    Yes - I should have tested it specifically first. I can confirm that WT does not exhibit the problem.

    In PGV, to hack the action out of the menu item I (as a non-developer) would probably edit class_menubar.php to remove those links from the top-level menu item definitions. Back when I spent more time with this, I'd probably have made a theme using getMenuAsList or something like that, and then stripped the link from the UL items (?) but I'm just not into that stuff right now.

    The other problem (minor, but still) is that you can't drag the interactive tree. WT uses jquery-ui, and I found an afterhack for that which remaps some of the touch inputs so that swipes work as mouse drags. However, PGV doesn't use jquery-ui, and as far as I can tell it only uses jquery itself in certain places (not including treenav). So if anyone wants to spend some time straightening that out, the afterhack I used is found here:


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