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alternatives to "standalone"...

  • Geza Nombardi

    Geza Nombardi - 2010-09-24

    Hi - I have some genealogy record books from the turn of the 20th century and want to encode them into GEDCOM format and store them in a database (probably MySQL, but doesn't have to be).  The resulting database should then be fulltext searchable.  I also need the program that can do this to run "standalone", without the overhead of running httpd.   PhpGEDView  is close, except that it forces me to run httpd even if I run in "standalone mode".   Running a web server is no problem for me, but the people who need to use and maintain the result are not technical people - they need something as "idiotproof" as possible.


  • knorway

    knorway - 2010-09-28

    Many people use PAF from the LDS church.  It is free and can stand alone on a PC.  Also if someone wants to carry it on a thumb drive that could work too.  It reads and writes GEDCOM which can be uploaded to PGV for web based collaboration.  Not as robust as PGV, but does support most everything that basic users need.

  • Booma

    Booma - 2010-09-29

    You might want to look at Wamp or XAMPP.  They both allow you to use PGV standalone on a PC.

    I've tried Wamp for Joomla, Gallery2 and PVG/  They work okay standalone.



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