customizing user agreement

  • maheshwar k

    maheshwar k - 2009-10-28

    How do we customize user agreement?


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-10-28

    Not sure exactly what you refer to as "user agreement", but mostly likely it is the text found at:

    Manage GEDCOMs and edit Privacy -> Gedcom configuration -> Edit ->Display & Layout ->"Show Acceptable Use agreement on «Request new user account» page"

    If so, then step 1 is to set that option to YES.

    Step 2 is to modify the language variable `$pgv_lang`

    You can change this in /languages/lang.xx.php , but the recommended solution is to copy and alter the same variable in a new file that you call extra.xx.php. This method allows you to change any language variable across the whole system without your changes being over-written each time you upgrade.


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