Visitors changing GEDCOM file to view

  • Kalle

    Kalle - 2004-09-24

    I have not quite understood how the program handles a site where several GEDCOM files are present. Is it possible for a casual visitor (not registered) to select which GEDCOM file to view.
    I can only show the selected default GEDCOM.
    Then I have only been able to change the default GEDCOM when I was logged in as administrator.
    Is it not possible for the casual visitor to change/select GEDCOM.
    Do I have to make one phpgedview installation for each GEDCOM to achieve this?

    • John Finlay

      John Finlay - 2004-09-24

      Yes, it is possible.

      First you have to have the configuration setting "Allow users to change gedcoms" enabled in the Admin->configuration page.  Should be enabled by default.

      If that is on there should be a drop down menu on the Welcome Page icon that will let your visitors change gedcoms.

      In older versions of PGV there is a change gedcom link at the bottom of the page.


    • Kalle

      Kalle - 2004-09-25

      Thank you John,
      That did it. I dont know why I did not enable the "Allow users to change gedcoms" option. Maybe I thought that it ment that the visitor was allowed to edit the GEDCOM file.
      BTW here is my site.
      It contains the Gedcoms that I have made for some people I have met on the internet.
      A branch of the Lundgren family used to live on the farm where I was born and
      I have a lot of common ancestry with Juliana Svensdotter (way back).
      I guess the next thing is to add my own family tree to the list.


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