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  • John Hibdon

    John Hibdon - 2009-09-06

    I have been doing something wrong in trying to get PGV to install on my web site I can NOT get the database to connect to anything no matter what I put in any of the boxes. I have tried to follow the directions but I guess I just don't understand them. I am attempting to set up a site for the Hibdon Family.  It was letting me into the config but now all I get is site not available when I try to connect.  There is no data of any kind in there because I have not been able to get that far not even a admin user.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.


    • Anonymous - 2009-09-07

      John, we're going to need a bit more help from you here. Can you step us through what you have actually done so far? What parts of the install steps have you got through, and where are you stuck?

      Also, some background on your system can help, version of PHP, what type, and version of database (Mysql, sqlite, etc).
      Did you check all the requirements PGV has are fully met before you started?

      • John Hibdon

        John Hibdon - 2009-09-07

        I was not sure this was the right place to ask for help.  I have had the PhpGedView installed on this server for about a year.  I decided I had not set everything up correctly and assumed it would be easier to just start over.  I also have a test site in another directory I wanted to redo so I ask the host support to wipe the system so I could start over and they did.  I reinstalled the Joomla site in the root and another Joomla in /trike and set them up the way I want them.  I want to install a component in the root Joomla site to link to the PhpGedView that I am trying to install in /phpgedview.  I had this set up just like this before and it all worked.  However this time all the other stuff is working but when I copied the PhpGedView (all) onto the server and go to I got the config screen as I should.  I tried to enter the info it wanted and it would not except anything I put in the database area.  What ever I put there I got a red line of text that said something about it could not find it or something.  I should have wrote it down but I did not.  I tried everything I could think of then all of a sudden now when I try to load the config screen it comes up and says "Site is currently unavailable".  I don't know what caused that or how to get back to the config screen.  Even if I could get back I don't know what to do to make it work.  I have not installed the Joomla component. I wanted to wait until I got PGV working on it's own with the GEDCOM file installed first.  The main reason I did all this was I could not stop anybody that went to the site from viewing and changing the info.  I tried to set it up where I was the one that had to approve all users before they could get in but I thought I must of screwed up somewhere so I was going to start over and read everything I could on security and access to the site and make sure it is secure before I loaded the GEDCOM file again. I have host info listed below:

        PHP Built on:     Linux 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5 #1 SMP
        Database Version:     5.0.81-community
        Database Collation:     latin1_swedish_ci
        PHP Version:     5.2.8
        Web Server:     Apache/2.2.11
        Web Server to PHP interface:     cgi

    • Anonymous - 2009-09-07

      Its a bit hard guessing what "I got a red line of text that said something about it could not find it or something." could mean.

      I can only suggest you try these steps:
      1 - check that your phpgedview/index/ folder and ALL its sub-folders and files have full read/write permissions (777)
      2 - Check that your web server configuration has PDO for MySQL installed and enabled. Thats what I was hinting at with my recommendation to check all PGVs requirements were met. This is new to ver 4.2.2, and I note you didn't mention it in your server config details.
      2 - Delete your phpgedview/config.php file and replace with a fresh copy from your 4.2.2 download.
      3 - Make sure you know your database name, userid and password before proceeding.

      Then go to the site url again. You should be back to the beginning of the config steps. Take them slow, and write down exactly any errors you get, and at what point.

      As a general rule, I have to say many people are too quick to pull everything down and start again. From your description I suspect your original authorisation issue could have been easily rectified without these complications.

      In cases where there are difficulties like this it often helps to take frequent screen-dumps (images) of each step as you go through them. They can be dumped if not needed later, but for now they provide excellent feedback and what you did.

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2009-09-08

      Here's a basic question:
      Are you SURE that the database you're trying to connect to exists and that the userid/password pair you're trying to use to connect to the database is actually valid?

      PhpGedView will NOT attempt to create the database, but it WILL create or update tables within that database.

      • John Hibdon

        John Hibdon - 2009-09-08

        I was not aware I had to create a database and as far as I can tell that little bit of info has been left out of the instructions.  I don't know if I have the access to do that.  I will have to ask the Host support if and how I do that.


        • Greg Roach

          Greg Roach - 2009-09-08

          Normally you either

          1) only have a single database - the host sets it up and tells you the details

          2) can create many databases - if you have access to the database (e.g. phpMyAdmin or a command line), then you can do it yourself.

    • Stephen Arnold

      Stephen Arnold - 2009-09-08

      First, this belongs in the HELP forum, not open discussion.
      Secondly, very definitely the need for a pre-existing database is well-noted in the WIKI, the basic installation instructions and numerous times on several threads in the HELP forums.

      From the wiki:

          You will need at least 1 database and a username and password to access it.

      Please note that all other requirements are also carefully listed there, including the need for PDO support.


    • Anonymous - 2009-09-08


      You did say you had joomla installed and working. PGV will happily use the same database as joomla. It will create its own tables, with (if you leave the defaults) 'pgv_' as their prefixes. So in this case you would supply the same DB name, userid, and password to PGV's config file as you have for joomla's.

      You also said at the start that you had already had PGV running for over a year - so what database was it using then?

      • John Hibdon

        John Hibdon - 2009-09-08

        If I remember correctly back when I first set this up the Host support provided me that info.  I have ask them and so far I have not had a reply.  They have moved my entire site to a new server that supports PDO MySql 5 and PHP 5 and I am in the process of reinstalling all my stuff.  I have re copied the PGV files to the new server but I have not attempted to figure out the database stuff as yet.  Something is blocking my root Joomla site from installing but I have reinstalled the Trike Test Site in a subdirectory so it is most likely just me doing something wrong. I hope moving the site will solve part of my problems.  Will find out soon.

      • John Hibdon

        John Hibdon - 2009-09-09

        Thanks for all your help.  I now have it working.  I still need to do some research into security before I put the GEDCOM file in but at least I have a system to work on.



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