Any progress on WPPGV wordpress plugin?

Halim I.
  • Halim I.

    Halim I. - 2009-03-24


    Is there any progress made on the wordpress plugin WPPGV for seamless wordpress<->phpgedview integration? The software comes with lots of warnings about being a work in progress and experimental in its current state.

    It's a great idea and project to be able to integrate the two, especially with a common username/password signin database, so any progress or status news on this would be _greatly_ appreciated!

    Thanks for a great job!

    • Anonymous - 2009-03-24

      I'm not aware of anyone in the PGV development team that is either working on  wordpress integration, or that uses it.

      You should probably ask about it on a wordpress forum, perhaps?

    • Halim I.

      Halim I. - 2009-04-04

      Thanks for answering. I have asked in the wordpress forum, but there's no response there..  Posted here because the plugin links to phpgedview's wiki as its homepage and to the novice user (me :-) ) looks as though it's meant to be an official bridge between the two...

      So if the author(s) behind wppgv reads this - thanks for a great start - based on the download and visitor count on it seems clear that I'm not alone really hoping for this feature.

      Any news on project status would be most welcome!

  • Jim Carey

    Jim Carey - 2010-12-12

    I have just about completed it - it uses a combination of the wppgv wordpress plugin, with substantal customisations and the cms_login.php mod (again quite a lot of mods).

    At the moment it works to provide auto login - havent worked on the iframe component yet - will probably do so soon - but the new window auto login works well

    It also seems to be secure - but am looking for someone who knows what they are doing with Wordpress and phpgedview to assist me on this - anyone ?



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