Unable to edit information on people

  • Marlin Allred

    Marlin Allred - 2009-09-01

    After upgrading to version 4.2.2, I find that I cannot edit any information. Both the admin user and regular user have edit capabilities and was working fine before the upgrade. Upon the initial upgrade, the research assistant provided probabilities on the database. Now the probabilities shows 0.00% for everything.

    What database is corrupt and what do I need to do to allow editing?


    • Anonymous - 2009-09-01

      Martin, you shouldn't need to do anything to allow editing after an upgrade, so it looks like something went wrong.

      You don't say what version you upgraded from, so there's a good chance you need to re-import your GEDCOM file. This is necessary in order that any new database table fields etc can be populated etc. I would try this first, remembering to say Yes to "Erase exiting data".

      There are other possible issues if your RA tables are gone. How did you do the upgrade? Did you leave all the existing tables in place?

    • Marlin Allred

      Marlin Allred - 2009-09-03

      Reimporting the gedcom file allows editing the people but still not getting statistics on the research assistant page. I upgraded from 4.1 to 4.22 by creating a new directory tree on the server and copied the config.php file to the 4.2.2 directory as well as the other directions in the upgrading to new level web page document.

      The only thing I can think of that may have caused a problem is I brought up the 4.1 once which produced an error message. Have not gone back to that level since.

    • Marlin Allred

      Marlin Allred - 2009-09-05

      What can I do to rebuild the RA tables?

    • Stephen Arnold

      Stephen Arnold - 2009-09-05

      The RA tables are not populated from the import of the gedcom, as this information is not retained in that format. It is housed in your original RA tables from your last installation. Obviously, you did not perform a standard upgrade, or the table information would have been retained.

    • Anonymous - 2009-09-06

      I would suggest two options Martin:
      1 - if you still have access to the old tables, export the data and import it into the new tables.

      2 - Delete ("drop') the RA tables completely. When you re-start PGV the RA module should re-build them. I haven't installed that module for a long time, so I can't be sure what tables you need to drop unfortunately, but I would expect them to be named appropriately so they can be identified.

    • Marlin Allred

      Marlin Allred - 2009-09-10

      What I end of doing remove the phpgedview tables in mysql, perform new install of 4.2.2, but I increased the php time limit up to 600 in the gedcom configuration in phpgedview in order to get the research assistant to build the tables in mysql.

      I probably did not need to increase quite that much but 300 was not enough. I am also using lighttpd instead of apache2.


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