#63 user editor problem with id-selection


I know this was a bug which was written somewhere
before but I can't find it again :-(

I use IE or Mozilla and PGV in index-mode with the lates
The name of the gedcom includes spaces.
"test - norgaz-de-komplett.ged"

I am not able to select a user with the "find ID popup
window" to be the "Gedcom INDI record ID" or "Pedigree
Chart Root Person" for any user!!! Here I get a js error
shown by IE.

I am also not able to include the ID number for these
field manually because the settings are not used after I
click on "Update user".

If I change the name of the gedcom to "test-norgaz-de-
komplett.ged", that means without space chars in the
name, everything works again.

If I have a "_" sign in the gedcom file name the popup
window to select a user appears but after I select a
user this ID is not given to the field "Gedcom INDI record
ID" or "Pedigree Chart Root Person" !!!!! :-( I don't get
and JS error shown by IE but the ID isn't taken into the

All problems don not seem to appear if you have not
a "_" sign or a space char inside the file-name of the

Import works with space chars in the gedcom file name.

Please don't let us bring out v3.0 final release before
this prob is gone.

Maybe this should be assigned to John.

If he can't solve this prob we need to add this to the
FAQ or readme!!!


  • Phantomas

    Phantomas - 2004-03-27
    • priority: 7 --> 8
  • Phantomas

    Phantomas - 2004-03-27

    Logged In: YES

    If I have a "_" sign in the filename am able to add the ID-
    number manually instead of the gedcom with a space in the

  • Phantomas

    Phantomas - 2004-03-27
    • priority: 8 --> 7
  • Anonymous - 2004-03-29
    • priority: 7 --> 9
    • assigned_to: nobody --> yalnifj
  • John Finlay

    John Finlay - 2004-03-29

    Logged In: YES

    Right now spaces, underscores, and hyphens cause problems
    in lots of places. I would prefer that spaces, hyphens, and
    underscores [ -_] not be included in the filename.


  • John Finlay

    John Finlay - 2004-03-30
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • John Finlay

    John Finlay - 2004-03-30

    Logged In: YES


    I believe that I have fixed this problem in the latest CVS
    files. Can you please verify this?


  • Phantomas

    Phantomas - 2004-03-31

    Logged In: YES

    Tested with "_" and "-" and "space" inside the gedcom name
    and the id-selection and saving in the usereditor to select
    the "Gedcom INDI record ID" for the user and the "Pedigree
    Chart Root Person" seems to work with all gedcom names
    including the char written above :-)

    Thanks John

  • John Finlay

    John Finlay - 2004-04-06
    • status: open-fixed --> pending-fixed
  • John Finlay

    John Finlay - 2004-04-06

    Logged In: YES

    Issue resolved, please close.

  • Anonymous - 2004-04-09
    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed

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