#2870 Fatal Errors


I have just installed phpgedview 4.2.4 and uploaded my GEDCOM file using phpgedview and imported it. It seems to show all the data OK but on the Welcome page I get the following fatal error displayed three times if I am logged in:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'No Connection Established' in /home/a8629468/public_html/family/includes/classes/class_pgv_db.php:704 Stack trace: #0 /home/a8629468/public_html/family/includes/functions/functions_db.php(2744): PGV_DB::prepare('SELECT setting_...') #1 /home/a8629468/public_html/family/includes/session.php(533): get_user_setting('1', 'language') #2 /home/a8629468/public_html/family/config.php(75): require_once('/home/a8629468/...') #3 /home/a8629468/public_html/family/index.php(29): require('/home/a8629468/...') #4 {main} thrown in /home/a8629468/public_html/family/includes/classes/class_pgv_db.php on line 704

The same error shows 2 times when I visit the MyGedView Portal page.

If I edit an existing person it won't save the new data.
I can edit the configuration OK.

I am using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit - Google Chrome 11.0.696.71
I am using 000webhost.com as the web host. Using MySQL database.
When I installed it all, it said it couldn't set the time limit which was currently set as 10.
PHP version: 5.2.17

When I display an individual's personal facts and details, there are 2 errors which say: 'Unrecognized GEDCOM Code: _UPD' and that I should report it.

Any help would be appreciated please.


  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2011-06-07

    A time limit of 10 is MUCH too short. You need to negotiate with your hosting company to have this increased to about 30. If they won't do that, they dont know what they're doing and you should look for a better host.

  • Bernard

    Bernard - 2011-06-08

    Thanks Gerry for your comment. Would the time limit setting of 10 cause the above errors then? In any case, I have raised a ticket at 000webhost.com about the time limit and await a response.

  • Bernard

    Bernard - 2011-06-08

    I have now received a reply from my web host:

    > Unfortunately we cannot change the default server configuration as it would affect all other users hosted on this server.
    > Current server configuration enables maximum security and optimized performance for the server and users, thus it
    > cannot be changed.
    > On the other hand, this feature/function can be enabled on our premium servers. Feel free to recheck and upgrade your account.

    So presumably, if I were to upgrade to their 'premium' service, I would get less security and poor performance but I would get a longer 'time out'!!!
    I won't be upgrading to their pay for premium service, so I shall have to try and find another free web host that works properly.

  • Bernard

    Bernard - 2011-06-20

    I have now moved to another free web host - freewebhostingarea.com - and I have now got PhpGedView to work. It was a real pain to upload using FTP though as it kept cutting off every so often. Once uploaded it installed OK
    and I was able to upload and install my GEDCOM file.


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