#2705 Fault in the Quick add form


As an attchment I send you a screenshot from the Quick-add from. It shhows the content, like it is in my systen customiszied. One field is marked. This field is read from the database bei open the form, but not transfered back, when I store the contents of the form. All other fields work normal.


  • Bodo

    Bodo - 2009-11-03
  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2009-11-11

    I'm sure, that at some time or other, someone may review this issue, but two things
    1) I would NOT recommend using Quick Update at all. It is generally recommended that it be disabled. It breeds terrible genealogical habits in that it fails to support ANY sourcing, a key factor in proper data entry and research.
    2) You have added considerably to the facts to be entered and surely this is the reason for the failure as I'm confident that this was never the intention of the form. Here's where one of the developers, all of whom hate to muddle with this form in that it tends to break something else when anything is changed, but they may glance at why this FACT is not transferred to the DB.

  • Łukasz Wileński

    should be fixed in svn 6382 and in upcoming 4.2.3 version

  • Łukasz Wileński

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  • Bodo

    Bodo - 2009-11-11

    It is nice to tell not to use this form.
    I have sometimes to add may be twenty or more person the the database. I done transcrpition of old churchbook, which have thousend of entries. It is a very boring job to open several form until the person is added. Even with this form I'm not able to add the data of one single person in one step

  • Bodo

    Bodo - 2009-11-11
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  • Łukasz Wileński

    • status: open-fixed --> pending-fixed
  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold - 2009-11-13

    <<Even with
    this form I'm not able to add the data of one single person in one step>>
    None of PGV's edit/data entry interfaces are designed for that task. You'd be better off adding all these via a different vehicle (perhaps a spreadsheet) and then using a formula to convert it to a gedcom which you could merge with your other data.
    Do you go back after entering each INDI and add the CHURCH BOOK as the reference so your data is sourced? If you don't, you are not following good genealogical practices and you will regret it later. You probably could add a 1 SOUR on the spreadsheet for the master source/church book, and use a 2 PAGE which would contain the page reference for each INDI.

    Check with Wes, as I think he's got a spreadsheet already done that allows conversion of cells to GEDCOM.


  • Bodo

    Bodo - 2009-11-22

    A spreadsheet is a good solution. I hope it will make it more easy for me. In th moment I add the Person, then I add the sources and mostly a multimedia file, the copy from the ChURCH BOOK entry. May You have a look da my database
    I would prefere to add in a list (spreadsheet) the complete data of a church book entry. And thats means normaly:
    Name, Date of birth, Date of christianisation, Place of both, text, sources, multimediafiles
    To add parents, godfather/godmother is may a second step.
    I have added something like this in the feature requests


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