#2553 4.2.0 - Problems with Reports


Hi there,

I've started the "Birth Date and Place Report" with the following criteria after I've installed the latest SCV Versions:

Name no entry
Birth Place contains no entry
Birth Date range start 01 JAN 1751
Birth Date range end 31 DEC 1751
Sort by Name
Page size A4

Report as HTML
Birth Date and Place Report
Name Date Place Source

No individual informations.

Total individuals: 0
Generated by PhpGedView 4.2.0
In my database are contained 89 individuals who were born in 1751 but there PGV 4.2.0 will only present a site with the head informations.

My questions:
- is it OK to let the fields "Name" and "Birth Place contains" blanc ?
- did I write the dates in the right format ?

The same results I get for the following Reports:

- Birth Date and Place Report
- Births, Deaths, Marriages
- Death Date and Place Report
- Marriage Date and Place Report

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Kind Regards

Josef Thomalla


  • Josef

    Josef - 2009-03-08
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Josef

    Josef - 2009-03-08
    • summary: Problems with Reports --> 4.2.0 - Problems with Reports
  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-03-08

    I believe this is a known bug, and has already been fixed in SVN.

  • Josef

    Josef - 2009-03-08

    It is not fixed up to now.
    I installed today the last updated files from SVN.
    Also with the updated files, there will no results.


  • Anonymous - 2009-03-08

    Josef, if the results you posted are from the latest svn code, then you downloaded from the wrong branch. The latest code will generate reports that say "Generated by PhpGedView 4.2.1"

    I suspect you downloaded from "/phpgedview/tags/phpGedView-4.2 " which is the released code, not the latest svn.

    Bugs are fixed in the development code only (called PGV4.2.1), unless there is a simple fix that can be posted in the Patches section here). If you want to use svn you need to use:

    but remember that this is BETA code - it changes constantly and CAN included new bugs.

  • Anonymous - 2009-03-08

    Josef - an apology

    I just checked and you are right, even in the very latest svn code still no results are generated from this report (and possibly others).

    Greg, I also thought this had been fixed, but perhaps a later change has undone it again?

  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-03-25

    Does the latest SVN help. I've fixed a couple of obvious errors, but I'm not familiar with the reports, so am not sure if the results are OK.

  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-03-25
    • status: open --> pending
  • Łukasz Wileński

    Greg, It works.

    But I found a similar problem.
    When I try to start report with Name: Wileński or other name with polish characters the report is empty.
    When Name does not contains polish characters report is generated as expected. It also WORKS when Name field is empty and Birth Place contains polish characters.

  • Josef

    Josef - 2009-03-26

    Hi there,

    where is the place to download the working file and what dile I have to download?
    I've just downloadet from:
    * SF.net
    * Projects
    * SCM Repositories
    * phpgedview
    * trunk
    * phpGedView
    * reports
    * marrlist.xml

    But with this file, the reort did not work.

    jojo54th (Josef)

  • Josef

    Josef - 2009-03-26
    • status: pending --> open
  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-03-27

    Josef - the code change has many dependencies. To be safe, you would need to download the entire source code from SVN. The next release is due in one week. It might be easier just to wait.

    Lucasz - this is *probably* a UTF8/ASCII collation problem. The data is fetched from the DB using the search_indis_custom() function in functions_db.php. Can you add some debug here to see what SQL is generated. Then, run that SQL using phpMyAdmin/etc. Does this fetch any rows from the database?

  • Im

    Im - 2009-03-31

    Hi Greg,

    var_dump would throw this out:
    SELECT DISTINCT 'INDI' AS type, i_id AS xref, i_file AS ged_id, i_gedcom AS gedrec, i_isdead, i_sex FROM pgv_individuals JOIN pgv_name AS filter4 ON (n_file=i_file AND n_id=i_id) WHERE i_file=1 AND filter4.n_sort LIKE '%Wileński%' ORDER BY filter4.n_sort

    phpMyAdmin gives 0 hit with any "strange" character.
    BTW. I use Collation: utf8_general_ci


  • Łukasz Wileński

    I changed the line 1748 in class_reportbase.php from:
    $sql_where[]="{$attr}.n_sort ".PGV_DB_LIKE." '%". $DBCONN->escapeSimple($match[1])."%'";
    $sql_where[]="{$attr}.n_sort ".PGV_DB_LIKE." '%". UTF8_strtoupper($DBCONN->escapeSimple($match[1]))."%'";
    and individual report works
    for family reports I changed line 1759 the same way.

    Could you accept this changes and add this to svn?

  • Łukasz Wileński

    added in SVN 5313

  • Łukasz Wileński

    • status: open --> pending-fixed
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    did not respond within 100 days (the time period specified by
    the administrator of this Tracker).

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    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed

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