#22 Improved handling of unknown names


The "(unknown)" problem has been around for quite
some time and been brought
up just as many times at least. As Boudewijn mentioned
in another thread, it
got past my irritation limit :P

After discussing this issue with Boudewijn yesterday I
have come to the following

1. The GEDCOM 5.5 name tag standard will be leading.
Names can look like this:

<TEXT> (only firstname)
/<TEXT>/ (only lastname)
<TEXT> /<TEXT>/ (firstname and lastname)
/<TEXT>/ <TEXT> (lastname and lastname suffix)
<TEXT> /<TEXT>/ <TEXT> (firstname, lastname,
lastname suffix)

2. Any unknown first name will be replaced with P.N.
(Praenomen Nescio (prename=given
names unknown))
3. Any unknown last name will be replaced with N.N.
(Nomen Nescio (name is unknown)).
(A name is considered unknown if there is not at least 1
letter from the alphabet
in there. This will check all available languages.)
4. Any unspecified lastname will NOT be replaced with
N.N. if there is a surname
suffix. This is to accomodate names like Carl V.

This will cause all unknown names to be placed under
the letter N. The reason
why I chose latin is because it is universal.

Plan to implement this is very simple:
1. Any suggestions/remarks are welcome (Everybody)
2. If there is no veto, I will go ahead (John?)
3. File an RFE (Roland)
4. Program the change (Roland)
5. Test (Everybody)


  • Anonymous - 2004-03-07
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    • assigned_to: botak --> nobody
  • Anonymous - 2004-03-07

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    The changes are in CVS.



  • Anonymous - 2004-03-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> botak
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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