Commit Date  
[r33] (HEAD) by shangxiao

Some further code cleanup and commenting.

2007-06-11 14:44:20 Tree
[r32] by shangxiao

Further development

2007-05-08 12:29:06 Tree
[r31] by shangxiao

Renaming the Parser class to BIFFParser

2007-05-08 07:51:06 Tree
[r30] by shangxiao

More development

2007-05-08 07:45:16 Tree
[r29] by shangxiao

- Splitting up even further using a cell class to represent the cells and the data conversion.

2007-05-03 11:22:15 Tree
[r28] by shangxiao

Moved constants over to class constants

2007-05-03 05:45:27 Tree
[r27] by shangxiao

Trying to rename reader.php to Reader.php

2007-05-03 05:30:06 Tree
[r26] by shangxiao

Trying to rename reader.php to Reader.php

2007-05-03 05:29:34 Tree
[r25] by shangxiao

- Split up class into multiple classes
- Added Workbook/Worksheet class for returning spreadsheet

2007-05-03 05:25:52 Tree
[r24] by shangxiao

A few more improvements

2007-04-09 08:01:01 Tree
[r23] by shangxiao

- Added a few more record types

2007-04-06 17:22:36 Tree
[r22] by shangxiao

- Added number, RK, formula and corrected a few other things

2007-04-06 08:26:19 Tree
[r21] by shangxiao

Further development on parsing worksheets.

2007-03-28 17:53:56 Tree
[r20] by shangxiao

Changing reader for use with Christian Schmidt's
changes to OLE.

2007-03-27 05:55:34 Tree
[r19] by shangxiao

- Updated class to use PEAR coding standards
- Added docblock comments

2007-03-13 12:42:41 Tree
[r18] by trex005
2006-03-08 16:26:55 Tree
[r17] by trex005
2006-03-08 16:25:27 Tree
[r16] by trex005

Fixed an order of operations Bug

2006-03-08 16:14:59 Tree
[r15] by trex005
2006-02-28 04:29:43 Tree
[r14] by trex005

Patch submitted by Roberto Innocenti - robyinno
Tested and applied by Trex005

2006-02-28 04:25:10 Tree
[r13] by trex005

Fixed Date roling back 1 day issue

2004-11-12 14:08:07 Tree
[r12] by trex005

Added Changelog

2004-11-12 14:07:31 Tree
[r11] by trex005

Fixed CSS to change the cursor to hand in both Firefox and IE

2004-10-12 21:00:23 Tree
[r10] by trex005

Made Debug more usable and added max_cols option

2004-10-11 14:53:21 Tree
[r9] by trex005

Added new example that demonstrated using excel reader with DHTML tables

2004-10-11 14:49:22 Tree
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