edit workbook, formulas should stay

  • Andreas Korthaus


    I would like to read an xls worksheet, edit some data,  and write it again, but without removing the source of formulas. I have not found any possibility to get them. I also tried to find something like this in Perls CPAN-Modules, but there it is not possible, too. I do not really need the formula itself, I only want to edit data form en excel-sheet, and formulas (not only the result of formulas!) should just stay there as they are.

    I found two postings about the perl-modules (which also cannot do this, yet):


    Do you think this could be realized with  PHP-ExcelReader and PEAR::Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer?

    Or does someone now some details how something like this could be realized, or what needs to be done to PHP-ExcelReader / PEAR::Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer to make this work?

    kind regards,


    • Vadim Tkachenko

      Vadim Tkachenko - 2004-11-05


      It' is possible. But it require too much time.

      Vadim Tkachenko.

      • Andreas Korthaus

        I would invest some time, what has to be done to realize this? Why/where does it cost so much time?

    • Vadim Tkachenko

      Vadim Tkachenko - 2004-11-07

      You need two things:
      1. Study http://sc.openoffice.org/excelfileformat.pdf and realize reading formulas from xls-file.
      2. Add a method for writting formulas to the PEAR::Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer

    • Karim PINCHON

      Karim PINCHON - 2009-05-28

      Hi Andreas, I'm interresting too about the source of formulas. Do you found something ?


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