Date problem.. haven't seen this before.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-07-18


    Great class. I'm running simple code and printing out the sheet, but my date column is _totally_ wrong. It's not just out of place, or off date, it's been converted to a solid integer - and it's not just a random #. For example, one day will be "40725" and another will be 40726 - clearly a pattern, just can't figure it out.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-03-15

    I modified the reader.php file changing at line 634:

                                    if ($formatstr) {
                                        if (strlen($formatstr)>=11) {
                                        if (preg_match("//i", $formatstr) == 0) { // found day and time format
                                            $isdate = TRUE;
                                            $formatstr = str_replace('mm', 'i', $formatstr);
                                            $formatstr = str_replace('h', 'H', $formatstr);
                                            $formatstr = str_replace('DD', 'd', $formatstr);
                                            $formatstr = str_replace('MM', 'm', $formatstr);
                                            $formatstr = str_replace('YYYY', 'Y', $formatstr);
                                            //echo "\ndate-time $formatstr \n";


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