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I find it this really useful! Thanks a lot!

  • John Harris U. Pe

    Hi. I just wanted to drop a note and say "Thanks" and I find your work VERY useful to me.

    What I use it for / How I use it:
    I have a client that has a running MySQL database on a remote Web Server. They update their database quite often.  I tried making "administration" pages for them, to simplify things, but the data is too large and too tedious to edit "online".  There's PhpMyAdmin, but that's still far too technical for my client. 

    I saw PHPExcelReader and programmed some simple pages for it to be able to upload and update from Excel (preformatted like the database tables) straight to the MySQL database.  

    Now my client simply edits Excel files (very easy for anyone to do), goes to a very simple submit form (which can even be in an Email!), clicks "Submit" and that's it!  Large remote database quickly and instantly updated! 

    Thanks very much!

    • Vadim Tkachenko

      Vadim Tkachenko - 2004-09-11

      Thanks for your opinion!
      I developed PHPExcelReader for me and for all PHP-programmers.
      Many users like Excel and don't like different db-clients (as PhpMyAdmin, MySQL-Front, etc...).
      So I hope that PHPExcelReader facilitates to the programmers.


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