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2.1.3 released

Some bugfixes have been done. No database changes are needed. The changelog lists all bugfixes/changes.

Posted by Franky Van Liedekerke 2009-04-21

2.1.2 released

Some small bugfixes finally get released. No database changes are done.

Posted by Franky Van Liedekerke 2008-08-18

2.1.1 released

This is a small bugfix release. From the changelog:
- Fixed some old issues with save/resume surveys
- Fresh installations didn't have initial data due to an xml schema mismatch, easy to fix but inconvenient.
- Changing a user or designer caused his password to become empty, not very wise ....


Posted by Franky Van Liedekerke 2008-04-18

2.1.0 released

This is a big update to the previous version. The changes:

- Dashboard implementation (by Bishop Bettini)
- start/stop date for a survey (by Bishop Bettini)
- A conditional question resulted in a "non-required" for the question it depends on, this limit has been removed.
- You can now do authenticated ldap binds when searching for the uid, some LDAP servers need this (is more secure than anonymous binds anyway)
- A default config file has been added (admin/phpESP.ini.php.default), your own changes should go into admin/phpESP.ini.php. The advantage is that new options can be added to the default file and you don't need to change anything to your own config file. Also a fixed part has been added (admin/phpESP.ini.php.fixed) containing values that should not be changed. The sequence is:
require (phpESP.ini.php.default); ==> defaults, gets overwritten with every new release
require (phpESP.ini.php); ==> your own values, never gets overwritten
require (phpESP.ini.php.fixed); ==> fixed parts, you can change these, but they get overwritten with every new release
- Web based updates and web based installs are now possible, no more manually entering sql statements in the db
- Switching/changing database table prefixes is now possible
- An answer to a question of type textbox, essay or numerical can now be required to be unique... read more

Posted by Franky Van Liedekerke 2008-04-12

2.0.2 released

This is a small bugfix release: it fixes a php notice people were seeing, also a small fix for managing admins and a fix for deleting a response for an active survey.

Posted by Franky Van Liedekerke 2007-12-30

2.0.1 released

Some small cosmetic fixes and a fix for a very small bug (which it seems nobody ever encountered) have been made. Some examples have been added on integration with your own Web site.

Posted by Franky Van Liedekerke 2007-12-11

2.0.0 released

Final release of 2.0.0. Please read the CHANGELOG for all changes and such. Users of 2.0.0-rc1 don't need to upgrade.


Posted by Franky Van Liedekerke 2007-12-06

2.0.0-rc1 released

This is a big update compared to the latest release, please check the changelog for all details and new quirks.

Posted by Franky Van Liedekerke 2007-11-29

1.8.2 released

This is a bug fix release.

Posted by Matthew Gregg 2006-05-25

New releases

New stable release that squashes a javascript problem. Also, release a 1.7.5-dev snapshot that includes initial support for form based authentication. Please download and try it out.

Posted by Matthew Gregg 2005-03-28

phpESP 1.7 RC1

Release candidate for 1.7 released.

Posted by Matthew Gregg 2005-01-13


This is a developmental release. Do not use this on your production phpESP databases. We are now using ADOdb and have made significant changes to the database API which may cause unknown data corruption. Please create a fresh phpESP database instance and help us workout any remaining bugs.

Posted by Matthew Gregg 2004-09-21

phpESP reviewed in eWeek

The June 2, 2003 issue (vol 20, num 22) of eWeek featured a review of phpESP. The review is availble directly at the following URL:,3959,1111892,00.asp

Posted by James Flemer 2003-06-06

phpESP 1.6.1

phpESP version 1.6.1 has just been released. This is a bug-fix release that fixes a few minor bugs present in the 1.6 release. Please read the release notes and change log for details.

Posted by James Flemer 2003-04-27

phpESP 1.6 Final

phpESP provides scripts to let non-technical users create surveys, administer surveys, gather results, view statistics. All managed online after database initialization. MySQL database backend. Version 1.6 incorporates several large changes since version 1.5. New features include: save/resume feature on surveys, self-sign-up for respondents, viewing of individual responses, a graphical interface for cross analysis, and a system test script. Additionally, the install procedure has been streamlined, and the documentation has been updated. Non-English translations should be available out of the box for many more platforms that have GNU Gettext support. Several new translations are available in 1.6 including: Japanese, Swedish, and Greek. There have been some minor database changes since 1.5, so please read the INSTALL guide.

Posted by James Flemer 2003-03-13

New Release: 1.6 RC3

Release candidate 3 was just released to fix a compatibility issue with older versions of PHP, and to hopefully clear up an issue with GNU Gettext.

Posted by James Flemer 2003-03-06

phpESP devel box crashed

The hard drive in my main development box crashed a few days ago. No data was lost thanks to recent backups. However, I am in need of a new hard drive. Anyone in a position to help me out, please contact me via my sourceforge email (

Posted by James Flemer 2003-03-04

New Mailing List: Devel

A new mailing list for discussion of the development of phpESP has been created.

Posted by James Flemer 2002-03-19

Demo Fixed

The demo has been fixed. There were problems using sessions in PHP on SourceForge servers. This has been fixed, and now the demo works much better. Try it out today:

Posted by James Flemer 2001-11-13

Mailing List: phpesp-general

New mailing list "phpesp-general"! Please use this to discuss any ideas or problems with phpESP. Please do not email me directly. To sign up, visit:

Posted by James Flemer 2001-11-02


Beta support for multiple languages in the administrative interface has been added. Version 2.0 will have full support [sic] for other languages. For more information (or to help by translating) please go to:

Posted by James Flemer 2001-04-04

Bug in 1.2beta3

If you are using 1.2beta3 please grab the patch for the authentication module.

Posted by James Flemer 2001-03-02

Another Beta

I just released another beta (version 1.2 beta 3). There was a bug in the first tar, but anything after 12:00am 02/26/2001 (EST) should be OK. There will be very few changes to this, and I will release 1.2 final soon if there are no bug reports to 1.2b3. I am working on a planned 2.0 release, which will have numerous changes.

Posted by James Flemer 2001-02-26

New Beta Release

Version 1.2beta2 was released. Important bug fixes from 1.2beta1. Some nice new features, but I will save announcement of them 'till the stable release. Read the cvs logs to see what's changed.

Posted by James Flemer 2001-01-23

Bug Fix

Fixed a bug that caused the email results to sometimes miss a row from the database. All survey info is correctly entered into the database, the only effected system was the email backup. If you use the emails generated by phpESP please get the patch for bug #117321, or upgrade to the CVS version of phpESP.

Posted by James Flemer 2000-10-20

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