Version 2.0.0 is available:

Changelog extract:
- Added the posibility to define conditions on a question. See the help page in the admin interface for more info. In short:
A question is only shown when a condition is met.
All conditions are "OR" conditions, so if one conditions is fullfilled, the question is shown.
A question that has a condition must be an optional question. So, if you define a condition on a question, the "Required" parameter is set to "No".
A question that has a condition must be on the next page than the question/value that is used to compare it with. Use the "Order tab" to insert a section break where wanted (this is NOT done automatically).

- Discovered the page admin/manage.php?where=purge, to purge a survey
- Added the possibility to purge a response from a survey (only superuser can do this): admin/manage.php?where=response_purge
- You can now configure the mail address used by phpesp when sending mails

Don't forget for upgrading: read the newly included UPDATE file