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New PHPerl - the only way to run Perl CGIs changes its behavior when executing under mod_perl, and also sometimes saves its own copy of the query state and resumes that state on re-entry. Previous alphas of PHPerl only partially accounted for this special behavior.

Note that PHP's ``virtual'' function has the same problems with now provides the only correct interface to execute Perl CGIs from within PHP.

Posted by Bart Schaefer 2000-06-13

PHPerl alpha download now available

The first complete distribution package of PHPerl has just become available for download. This is an alpha release, so expect a few glitches; bug reports are encouraged.

PHPerl links a Perl interpreter into the PHP3/4 module for Apache. It provides a PHP API for managing Perl interpreters and evaluating Perl expressions, plus a package of Perl subroutines to assist in executing Perl packages in PHP context.... read more

Posted by Bart Schaefer 2000-06-02