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Changes to PHP

Over the past few months, PHP has had quite a few changes to its API and functionality across most of the functions PHP-Egg uses. Starting with PHP 4.2.0 and continuing with 4.3.0, I was rewriting major portions of PHP-Egg with each release of PHP. Hopefully the major changes to the PHP CLI have paused for a while, and I can begin to release changes that won't be made obsolete by the next PHP CVS update.

Posted by Ted R. Smith 2003-02-28

PHP-Egg v1 beta

This is the first public release of php egg. PHP-Egg has been in development for over 4 months now. The first public release has been a long time in coming.

I would like to thank everyone in #mysql and #php on undernet who spent hours joining parting quiting channels and irc being baned kicked oped deoped ...... over the last 4 months in the effort to test everthing in the bot. You know who you are.... read more

Posted by Linda Pedersen 2001-04-11

First release

I will be conducting a test of PHP-Egg over the next week. Assuming all goes well we expect to have our first beta release in under two weeks.

Posted by Linda Pedersen 2001-04-09