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We moved to github!

Hello all,

because of better integrated ticket and wiki with less overhead we moved our development to github. Anyway, we will push the code to our Git repository at sourceforge and will provide downloads on both platforms.

Best regards

Posted by Matthias Lohr 2011-11-23

demo installation online!

Now we have a working demo installation running on our SF project web space. Please visit:
user: demo, password: demo

Posted by Matthias Lohr 2011-03-21

first alpha preview uploaded!

Today we uploaded our first alpha preview release. Please recognize that it may be dangerous for your data to use this release, but if you want you can test it and give us a feedback for further development.

Posted by Matthias Lohr 2010-09-24

new design approach

Today we started a new approach to redesign the structure of phpDNSAdmin to make it more modular. Now the application is devided strictly in two parts: API and UserInterface. The API is using REST/JSON, so everyone can write own clients for phpDNSAdmin. Additionally we'll add a user interface built with jQuery and jQuery UI.
This new version can be found in our new GIT repository.

Posted by Matthias Lohr 2010-07-09

testing required

With SVN chageset 60 we should have implemented all needed feature for basic dns administration. So it would be nice if you can test all features to find bugs and problems with phpDNSAdmin.

Posted by Matthias Lohr 2010-01-27

Development continued

After a long time of nothing we continued the development of phpDNSAdmin. In a few days we will commit the first lines of code.

Posted by Matthias Lohr 2009-11-07