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I have a new release available. Some features, bug fixes, and an installer have been added.

Please take a look at the WIKI pages for setup, configuration, and usage information.

Posted by jas 2009-11-19

New release soon!

I will be releasing a new beta now that I am back from my active duty orders which should address some of the installation bug regarding the menu and user accounts as well as some additional features regarding usage of group account permissions per subnet and static hosts.

Posted by jas 2009-06-12


It seems I am getting a few people downloading this application but I do not see very much feedback regarding this application in terms of support.

I will be out for the next four months due to active duty orders with the US Army National Guard but when I get back I will build a nice installer feature to setup the database due to this being the hardest portion and not quite as easy to do.

Posted by jas 2009-01-25

phpDHCPAdmin-0.9.3-beta released!

In this latest beta release I have added support for the following features:

  • Custom class definitions
  • Custom pool definitions
  • Custom shared-network definitions

Ability to add classes to pools, ability to add pools to subnet definitions, ability to add multiple subnet definitions to shared-networks.

Posted by jas 2008-12-30


I have released the phpDHCPAdmin-0.9.2-beta version this morning.

This release addresses a couple of problems with the installation of the .sql file. Adds support for classes, as well as pool configuration options.

Please post any bugs, feature requests etc. in the forums or mailing lists.

Posted by jas 2008-12-06


phpDHCPAdmin-0.9.1-beta Development Notes:
: Completed Areas :
- Global options (most commonly configured)
- DNSSEC key definitions (for secure replication to DNS servers)
- DNS Zone definitions (options to push DHCPD lease, scope data to reverse and forward DNS zones)
- Failover options (options to allow for failover configurations and replication)
- Subnet options (for use on multi-homed server configurations, scope support and common options)
- PXE Group definitions (group definitions to allow remote bootp image installation and dump terminal support)
- Static Host search/add/edit/delete support
- Group access support (provides limitations for multiple groups and access to each groups data)
- User access level support (provides restrictions for group, and administrative, user and view level accounts)
- Functions to create new dhcpd.conf file based on all configurable options conforming to ISC's RFC documents regarding the DHCP protocol
- Application conformity to the w3c standards doctype for CSS, HTML and Javascript (cross browser compatibility)
- Graphing features for interface traffic, static hosts per subnet, static hosts per pxe group
: Not Done :
- Class definitions (ability to add class definitions, further adding support for limitations on allowed BOOTP requests based on hardware addressing, etc)
- Manage leases (support for releasing, renewing active, free, lease data stored in the dhcpd.leases file)
- Manage pools (support for multiple pools per subnet with allowances for class definitions per lease pool)
- Daemon type script to check filesize, md5 hash on leases file to perform auto update on new, expired leases
- Auto configuration regarding detection of available interfaces and broadcast interfaces assigned (this will aid in subnet definitions and prevent misconfiguration of the dhcpd.conf)
- New user access level preferences menu and options for user to reset their own password and contact information
: Bug Fixes :
- Fixed bug in user password reset facility
- Fixed bug in administrative user password reset facility
- Attempted to fix bug in email address resolving (MX record within DNS routing problem)
: In Progress (10.24 & 10.26) :
- Added realtime server status feature (part of plan to integrate application with system)
- Added detection of interfaces (aliased, real and virtual network configuration types)
- Added configuration checks on new subnet definitions per broadcast address allowing more integration to OS
- Added optional *common subnet definition options
- Added lease file parsing to database storage for use in lease management feature integration
- Added new database tables (shown below)
- conf_adapters : stores adapter properties for use with subnet definition check and traffic graphing
- conf_traffic : stores adapter traffic per interface and is used for traffic graphing feature
- conf_leases : used for storage of current leases whether status is active, free etc
- Slight modifications to interface regarding graphing features for subnets, pxe groups, interface traffic, system features information, server status information, subnet optional configuration options

Posted by jas 2008-10-27


Well I am about ready to release the 0.9.1-beta candidate and would like you all to know what features this release will entail.

During testing I ran into problems with administrators configuring various subnets that the server was not configured to listen on. To eliminate this problem I am working on integrating a feature to process a list of available interfaces the ISC DHCPD service is can currently listen on as well as process vital information regarding total traffic vs. traffic allocated to DHCPD ACK, REQ, packets etc.... read more

Posted by jas 2008-10-20

phpDHCPAdmin DEMO NOW UP!!!!

I have finally setup a demo for you all to try out before you decide to download and use in your own network configurations.
- admin:password - Root level user (all access, global opts, pxe groups, subnets, address pools, user groups, users)
- PCAdmin:password - PC Group Administrative level user (only access data assigned to PC group: global options, pxe groups, subnets, address pools, adding users)
- MACAdmin:password - MAC Group Administrative level user (only access data assigned to MAC group: global options, pxe groups, subnets, address pools, adding users)
- PCUser - PC Group User level access (only modify static hosts and restart the service)
- MACUser - MAC Group User level access (only modify static hosts and restart the service)

Posted by jas 2008-10-09

Notes on phpDHCPAdmin-0.9-beta

I have seen a bit of activity regarding this version.

I have NOT seen anyone requiring assistance with setup, usage, or configuration of this package.

If anyone needs assistance with this package please do not hesitate to post questions to the forums etc.

Also on another note I have found a few features to be lacking, as well as some functionality.

I am currently finishing up some new features in the areas of managing accounts etc. If you know of a feature you would like to see in the next release please let me know.

Posted by jas 2008-10-08

Call for documentation?

Hello, I am posting this to see if I cannot recruit some help putting together documentation for this project.

I have been so busy coding that it would be nice to have someone familiar with the application build/edit the existing help file that accompanies this project.


Posted by jas 2008-09-30


Ok I have released this version to address a few bugs that I were introduced in the last beta.

A few issues with the user, access level and group permissions have been addressed.

Problems with the integration of utilizing DNSSEC keys for zone transfers between DNS servers was addressed.

Problems with the syntax of the failover peer/master configuration has been addressed.

RFC guidelines have been implemented regarding the hostname, MAC and IPv4 addressing.

Posted by jas 2008-09-29

BETA Released!!!!

Ok I have uploaded the latest BETA version of the application. It should work great as I have spent quite a bit of time on it.

To install just import the .sql file in the setup directory and configure the scripts/inc.config.php file then add a crontab entry and specify the file to run as follows:

/1 * * * php /path/to/phpDHCPAdmin/bin/cron.restart.dhcpd.php 2&>1 /dev/null

Posted by jas 2008-09-20


I will be releasing phpDHCPAdmin-0.8-beta in the next couple of days for those of you looking to utilize a web based administration tool for your ISC DHCPD server.

This release contains an entire code rewrite from the ground up to utilize caching, templates, better syntax validation, skinning, error codes, help system, database enhancements, as well as a more user driven interface that is w3c compliant.... read more

Posted by jas 2008-09-16

New phpDHCPAdmin Coming Soon!!!

I am currently working on a new version of phpDHCPAdmin. Over the last couple of years I have seen some usage of this application but initially it was designed to only allow or utilize configuration options necessary for it to be beneficial to my current employers network.

This new version will not only conform to the RFC2132. Some of the features are listed below:
- User/Group/Access level authentication for stricter restrictions to subnet/host editing
- Stricter filtering to assist with common attack vectors such as XSS/SQL attacks
- Standard Global DHCPD configuration options
- PXE/BOOTP Group Configuration options
- DNS zone transfer/update functionality
- DNSSEC configuration options for zone transfers
- Multiple subnet support
- Support for scopes and static host leasing
- Import of static hosts via CSV/XML files
- Import of dhcpd.conf (parse and store appropriately in database tables)
- Auto backup feature and ability to manage said backups
- Access logging
- Comprehensive help system with indexed areas linking to each configuration option within application
- I also plan on creating an installation portion to assist in the setup of the application and database tables.

Posted by jas 2008-07-17

Help system

Here is a link to the demo help system file to help you with installation, configuration and usage of the phpDHCPAdmin application.

Posted by jas 2008-06-12


This is release candidate 6. There is now an installer to automatically setup your database tables.

I am planning on a major code re-write for those of you that have this application implemented. Feedback is appreciated.

Posted by jas 2008-06-12

phpDHCPAdmin Demo

I must apologize for the online demo, since I have moved the demo application to sourceforge (a shared hosting server) I have found some bugs dealing with session management and have yet to resolve them. I do believe it is dealing with permissions and the php.ini configuration settings. So again my apologies.

Posted by jas 2007-01-24


I have updated the phpDHCPAdmin application to resolve a couple of small problems, updated the help system as well as setup a demo for people to try out this package with. For support I have used the forums so please post any problems there.

Posted by jas 2006-09-25

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