phpDHCPAdmin-0.9.1-beta Development Notes:
: Completed Areas :
- Global options (most commonly configured)
- DNSSEC key definitions (for secure replication to DNS servers)
- DNS Zone definitions (options to push DHCPD lease, scope data to reverse and forward DNS zones)
- Failover options (options to allow for failover configurations and replication)
- Subnet options (for use on multi-homed server configurations, scope support and common options)
- PXE Group definitions (group definitions to allow remote bootp image installation and dump terminal support)
- Static Host search/add/edit/delete support
- Group access support (provides limitations for multiple groups and access to each groups data)
- User access level support (provides restrictions for group, and administrative, user and view level accounts)
- Functions to create new dhcpd.conf file based on all configurable options conforming to ISC's RFC documents regarding the DHCP protocol
- Application conformity to the w3c standards doctype for CSS, HTML and Javascript (cross browser compatibility)
- Graphing features for interface traffic, static hosts per subnet, static hosts per pxe group
: Not Done :
- Class definitions (ability to add class definitions, further adding support for limitations on allowed BOOTP requests based on hardware addressing, etc)
- Manage leases (support for releasing, renewing active, free, lease data stored in the dhcpd.leases file)
- Manage pools (support for multiple pools per subnet with allowances for class definitions per lease pool)
- Daemon type script to check filesize, md5 hash on leases file to perform auto update on new, expired leases
- Auto configuration regarding detection of available interfaces and broadcast interfaces assigned (this will aid in subnet definitions and prevent misconfiguration of the dhcpd.conf)
- New user access level preferences menu and options for user to reset their own password and contact information
: Bug Fixes :
- Fixed bug in user password reset facility
- Fixed bug in administrative user password reset facility
- Attempted to fix bug in email address resolving (MX record within DNS routing problem)
: In Progress (10.24 & 10.26) :
- Added realtime server status feature (part of plan to integrate application with system)
- Added detection of interfaces (aliased, real and virtual network configuration types)
- Added configuration checks on new subnet definitions per broadcast address allowing more integration to OS
- Added optional *common subnet definition options
- Added lease file parsing to database storage for use in lease management feature integration
- Added new database tables (shown below)
- conf_adapters : stores adapter properties for use with subnet definition check and traffic graphing
- conf_traffic : stores adapter traffic per interface and is used for traffic graphing feature
- conf_leases : used for storage of current leases whether status is active, free etc
- Slight modifications to interface regarding graphing features for subnets, pxe groups, interface traffic, system features information, server status information, subnet optional configuration options

Posted by jas 2008-10-27

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