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PHPancake v0.4.5.0 Is out

PHPancake v0.4.5.0 is out and more stable and with less bugs in it. Do try it

Posted by itaym02 2009-12-19

PHPancake v0.4.1.0 Is out and is stable!

A new version of PHPancake is out. It is still Alpha, but it is stable (as can be seen in the demo, which is up to date with this release).
It is still alpha as not all functionality I intended in it is there yet.
System is usable. Use the mailing list if in need of help installing.
Next step - do some fallbacks for IE users.

Posted by itaym02 2009-11-04

PHPancake, a stable version is out

Version 0.3.0 is out, This version is stable, but not named Beta as there are some features missing, and installer is not 100% one click. Nevertheless, the core functionality is there and it works!

Posted by itaym02 2009-08-12

mooWMD is released

mooWMD which is a port of WMD to mootools is released.
This is version 1.0 Much to improve yet, but it is stable and production ready.
This is a fork of the github version stackoverflow team wrote.

Posted by itaym02 2009-07-12

New PHPANCAKE release is out V0.0.4

New PHPANCAKE release is out V0.0.4 Download and try it.

Posted by itaym02 2009-05-20

New PHPANCAKE release is out V0.0.3

A new release is out with better installer and more features.
This one is starting to look stable.

Posted by itaym02 2009-04-18

New release is out

New release is out.
We have advanced a lot, we have a simple installer and much more functionality was added this release to the system.
A demo of this release can be seen at
visit for more info (in the coming few days)

Posted by itaym02 2009-04-07

New demo version is out

New demo contains several bug fixes + Comments feature and Views counter feature. Please explore at: -> demo

Posted by itaym02 2009-03-28

First release is out

First release is out. Play with it, see the code.
Installation instructions can be seen in

Posted by itaym02 2009-03-23

A site is up!

I have just uploaded a landing page and a demo application to show where I am standing.
Both can be reached at
I will not release a package until a minimum of stability in the application is reached.
If you want the code, contact me.

Posted by itaym02 2009-03-19

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