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Great announcement! How can I help?

  • Peter Walter

    Peter Walter - 2004-08-24

    phpWebmin is exactly what I was hoping for. I am a newbie to Linux/PHP, and have limited coding skills, but would be happy to help with testing and modifications in any way I can. Please post instructions on how I can participate.

    • TvKe (The Void Network)

      Hi there, and thx for your interest :)
      Your help is very welcome.
      Soon there will be another dev release (Yuna2-Dev) and you may make changes in there and send it/put it online so we can apply changes you made.

      And about the testing part: We'll need some testers soon but you can only test if you can run phpWebmin (as it requires you to have root access to a linux/other box)

      So stay tuned and welcome to the new community ;)


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