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PHP4Mono - The Mono PHP Compiler / News: Recent posts

mPHP 0.2 released

A new release of the Mono PHP Compiler is now on SourceForge including souce code, binaries, samples and a tutorial.
The major new feature is that you may now use functionality from other .NET assemblies directly from a PHP script as described in the previous post. Like that you can e.g. build Guis using the Gnome libraries.
I also fixed a lot of bugs and implemented some other new features such as interfaces, abstract classes, exceptoins and magic constants. More details are available in the changelog which is enclosed in the binaires package.

Posted by Raffa 2006-03-03

mPHP 0.1 released

Today the first stable version of the Mono PHP Compiler was released. For further details about usage, features and examples, please refer to the files readme.pdf and samples.pdf in the binaries download package or on the project home page.

Posted by Raffa 2005-08-30