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  • Kevin Newman

    Kevin Newman - 2005-10-27

    This is an awesome project, and just the thing I've been waiting for to move into .NET (and Mono) programming. I just have some questions:

    Does this compile standard PHP apps into distributable dlls? For example, could I compile an open source php project like phpBB, then run that on a Windows or Mono server without installing anything to the server?

    Does this allow you to access the .NET framework namespaces from within php? Basically, does this allow php to function just as any other .NET based language (so could I create a compiled game that takes advantage of .NET assemblies like the Tao Framework?)


    Kevin N.

    • Raffa

      Raffa - 2006-03-03

      Hi Kev,
      thanks for your message and questions.
      The PHP Compiler for Mono indeed compiles PHP scripts to distributable EXEs or DLLs. However only compilation of single files is supported so far, which is why you cannot compile complex applications such as phpBB at the moment. This is a goal for a future version of the compiler.
      You can access the .NET Framwork namespaces with version 0.2 which was published just today. Like that you can e.g. build GUIs using the Gnome or System.Forms libraries.
      Best regards,


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