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#6 broken because of imdb

Ken Senter

When I try to add a movie there is a long wait and it finally says "nothing found", and when I try to import from a list after a long wait it brings up a page with all empty fields. After some bumping around in the code I think it's the imdb scraping that's causing it to fail. I tried to figure out how to fix it, I found some (currently) working imdb scraping code here but despite the fact that I am a programmer, I'm not a php programmer and I just can't figure out how to merge his code into yours successfully. I tried for a couple of hours but no luck, php is just so different from what I'm used to writing. Based on the time of the last update I'm thinking this project might be abandoned, but I figured I'd try posting a request anyway. It seems like it would be a pretty cool project if only I could get it to work. Thanks!


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