possible to manualy add cover picture

  • qwerty759

    qwerty759 - 2011-01-04

    i have a small problem with cover pictures.

    if i add a movie that doesn't have a cover picture at the imdb site than there is obviously no cover picture.
    but is it possible to manually add the cover picture to this movie? so that there is a cover picture in my database

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-16

    If you select the movie from your collection and then click the edit link near the top right, there is an option for you to select a file from your computer to use as a cover.  I was not able to get the image to show when hovering over the movie on the collection page but after selecting the movie, you can click "download cover" and then see it on your computer.

  • qwerty759

    qwerty759 - 2011-01-16


    Thanks for the reply

    I am aware of the possibility  you mentioned.

    In the meantime i found the solution to my own problem, let me explain

    if you hoover your mouse over the movie in de movie list there is no picture shown obviously, but if you look at the path where the link is pointed at in the statusbar at the bottom of your browser then you notice at the end of that string a id number.
    this id number correspond to the entry number in the database.

    if you now put a cover picture with the id number from the missing picture : (for example like 244.jpg) and put it in de directory movies of your php4dvd installation.
    than when you are back in the admin part of your php4dvd click on the movie, and whalla there is the cover picture.
    i use the edit button and save the movie again, but I'm not sure that is necessary.

    if you after that hoover the name of the movie than the cover picture is shown.

    hope that it will be usefull to anyone


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