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  • Jason

    Jason - 2008-12-11

    I recieve a "HTTP 405 - Resource not allowed" when trying to login the 1st time with admin/admin
    I also seem to get the same error nomatter what I enter
    If I leave either the username or password blank, I do get the "Some fields are not filled in correctly!"

    • rolf

      rolf - 2008-12-11

      Try to fix your IIS server. Try to Google first before you ask questions non-related to this project:

    • Jason

      Jason - 2008-12-12

      1st, there's not reason to have an attitude.
      2nd, although I forgot to mention it on this post, I did on the blank screen post.  I have other sites hosted on this server including other php/mysql sites.
      3rd, I did what that posting said and I still have the same issue.  Can you tell me what is executed when the 'log in" button is pressed?

      • rolf

        rolf - 2008-12-12

        Firstly, there is no attitude, but when I see someone who posts two questions close to each other and solves one of them after 2 hours, both not directly related to this project, but to server configuration, I have my doubts if a person is able to configure a server.

        Secondly, of course I can tell you where to find the log in code. If you press the log in button, a POST request is sent to the same page, but the /includes/login.php file is included. On line 48, the log in function is triggered. Try to debug and find out what is wrong about the server configuration.


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