Can't Add Movies

  • Ryan Collier

    Ryan Collier - 2008-12-23


    I am currently running Apche 2.2.11 with PHP 5.2.8 and MySQL 5.1. I am trying to add movies to the database and they will not add. I was thinking that it was something to do with MYSQL, but I am not totally sure. I can modify the admin user password and email address and it takes it. Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much,


    • Ryan Collier

      Ryan Collier - 2008-12-23

      Forgot to mention I am using .2 of php4dvd.

      I setup anothe test environment and install php4dvd .1 and I can add movies, but when I upgrade it to .2 it goes to not adding movies.

      • rolf

        rolf - 2008-12-24

        What if you install v0.2 (not upgrade) and try to add movies?


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