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M Blox
  • M Blox

    M Blox - 2009-11-30

    I just installed and am testing version 1.0.  After adding a movie to the database, the plot has a leading comma when viewing the movie in the collection.


    > , This movie is about blah blah
    > blah…

    The leading comma is NOT in the mysql database/movie table.  this means it is not coming from the imdb.  The div class markup is just before the plot text with no comma in the database table.  So I am unsure where this comma is coming from.

    It may be the `<div class="info-content">`
    which is inserting the comma, but I can not find the css class for this.

  • M Blox

    M Blox - 2009-12-01

    I see now that the `<div>` is coming from the IMDB function.  Deleting this before it gets put into the database gets rid of the problem.

  • rolf

    rolf - 2009-12-02

    Thanks for your bug report. I see the issue. This is a bug in the imdbphp project we are making use of. I'll make a bug report on the imdbphp site and hopefully they will fix it soon. Please wait for a minor update soon.

  • rolf

    rolf - 2009-12-03

    I just released a new version to fix the plot information bug of imdbphp.

  • M Blox

    M Blox - 2009-12-06

    Will try it out.

    Thank you very much!

  • M Blox

    M Blox - 2010-11-21

    This problem is back with php4dvd v1.2 and imdbphp v. 2.0.3.

  • rolf

    rolf - 2010-12-07

    This will get fixed in the next release. Thanks for the report again.


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