looks nice but... seems i need some help

  • bruno

    bruno - 2013-02-20

    hi , i uploaded the files to my  ftp , then i am able to install and complete that step , then it says to remove the /install folder , then after that the trouble start page is not displaying properly neither the links like home & my collection not working it get redirected to a not in use adress .
    may this be the cause of me using free domain com.nu  the features that come with the domain are in the link .
    i dont know much about this stuff but i think i have the requirements to use the php4dvd .
    i also looked through the forum but could not find any same issues so here is me asking for assistance :) .
    Thanks in advance

  • Paco

    Paco - 2013-02-20

    I have implemented successfully php4dvd for a customer. I've even implemented some extended capabilities in the application, such as memory usage optimisation and extended full text search. I can provide professional support if you can allocate some budget. Feel free to contact info (at) it-exponent  com.


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