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Version 1.0 is ready!

Includes full function file manager, screening/filtering for possibly dangerous content, filesize upload limits, and user directory size limits.

Posted by Ken Linder (KC7RAD) 2002-05-29

Support Forums

Support forums for 3bCard are now up & operational at this project's home page... http://www.3bcard.com Please do not post problems, bugs, etc... here. I only check this page once in a while.

Posted by Ken Linder (KC7RAD) 2002-05-01

Ver 0.11 rc1 is ready!

Complete with File Manager, ability to create multiple files of almost any scripting language, and ability to include other PHP files to help create the web pages. STILL DOES NOT work with newest PostNuke. That will be my next task!

Posted by Ken Linder (KC7RAD) 2002-04-25

0.04 beta ready

This release makes the pages look much better and allows the admin to have their own page. It also includes a new template tag that allows the insertion of HTML output from user specified programs (PHP, ASP, PERL, etc...) into the user's web page.

Posted by Ken Linder (KC7RAD) 2002-04-22

0.03 Alpha Now Released!

Now, almost completely functional. Interface is still a bit ugly and more docs need to be written BUT IT WORKS!!!
I am off to Chicago for 12 days, so enjoy, all!

Posted by Ken Linder (KC7RAD) 2002-03-22

Ver 0.02 Pre Alpha available

More complete Admin and end user functions. Even the beginning of a user's file manager so registered users can store files in their own dir.

Posted by Ken Linder (KC7RAD) 2002-03-19

Ver 0.01 Pre Alpha now available

As promised, the version 0.01 Pre Alpha is now available for download. Read the Release Notes and README file for more details. Please note, this release is ONLY for developers. It is NOT ready for end users!

Posted by Ken Linder (KC7RAD) 2002-03-11

Open for Business!!!

Yes, the 3bcard project is officially open. If you would like a certain feature, just leave a note in the Features Request area of this project or go to the Forums area and leave a note in the Features Description or Open Discussion group.

I will have some documentation up & ready to go within the next couple of days!

Posted by Ken Linder (KC7RAD) 2002-02-22