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0.8.0 released

0.8.0 removes static usage of the class (since it was broken anyway).
Various documentation issues have been fixed.
The ability to automatically retry service calls when SimpleDB is temporarily unavailable has been added.
batchPutAttributes now rejects attempts to batch too many items together. There is now a const, SimpleDB::MAX_ITEM_BATCH_SIZE, that you can use to manage how many items you batch together.

Posted by Dan Myers 2011-01-14

0.7.2 - fix url encoding issue

- Fixed an issue where queries containing a tilde (~) were causing SimpleDB to reject the request. Updated to use a modified rawurlencode to compensate.
- Made error messages more informative when curl errors.
- The 'expected' parameter to putAttributes and deleteAttributes is now optional as it should be.

Posted by Dan Myers 2010-04-01

0.7.1 - minor bugfix

I've released php-sdb-0.7.1 which removes a debug statement that shouldn't be there (and was always executing).

Posted by Dan Myers 2010-03-25

0.7.0 - a much-needed update

This release includes an update to the newer SimpleDB API version (2009-04-15), BoxUsage tracking and NextToken, as well as support for the February 2010 additions (ConsistentRead and conditional put/delete).

Posted by Dan Myers 2010-03-02

0.5.0 - Select and BatchPutAttributes

Select and BatchPutAttributes have been added to php-sdb courtesy of Matthew Lanham. Hats off to him :)

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-04-03

0.4.6 - QueryWithAttributes bugfix

Fixed a bug causing QueryWithAttributes to fail when given multiple attributes.

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-03-23

0.4.5 - Put multivalued attributes

I wasn't going to do this until later, but I suddenly needed it, so I went ahead and did it.

putAttributes now allows you to pass an array of values for a single attribute, and it will automatically handle splitting it into multiple name-value pairs for the request.

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-02-19

0.4.4 - Error reporting and more

I've released a pair of point releases right together.

The first, 0.4.3, added support for the DomainMetadata API endpoint and allowed control over whether the class uses SSL (and whether it uses VERIFYHOST and VERIFYPEER if it does use SSL).

The second, 0.4.4, adds full human-readable error reporting. I also rearranged a few development targets, planning out 0.4.5 and 0.4.6 a bit better.

I've also decided (in a future revision) to drop the range check on the number of attributes passed to putAttributes. Amazon's servers do the checking; they'll report an error if the user sends too many, and I don't want to have to change the code if Amazon changes the limit later.

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-02-19

0.4.1 - Added QueryWithAttributes

I've added QueryWithAttributes support. No more looping to GetAttributes on the results of Query :)

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-02-18

First release

The first release of php-sdb supports enough operations on SimpleDB that you can get stuff done, but you should probably wait a bit before using this in a production environment; error reporting is extremely minimal.

The current release is 0.4.0, and supports:
- listing, creating, and deleting domains
- getting, adding, and deleting attributes
- the 'Query' API endpoint

I've planned out the next several point releases and the next minor version increment, so development should go fairly quickly. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Posted by Dan Myers 2009-02-18

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