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Project Status

Okay, so not much has happened in the past two years, but I'm going to change that soon. I feel, if nothing else, this would be a good project to learn something about oophp. As such, I'll be updating this project after I have finished school this summer.

Posted by Scott Atkins 2004-07-28

Still Kicking

For all of you who are waiting for the next upload to cvs, please be patient. I am still here, and I'm working on it when I have time, but understand that with class and work, I've had very little time.

Anyways, I want to hear from you if you use this. I've only had a couple of people to tell me that this script is useful to them.

I'm hoping to have a new version done soon so that I can post it to freshmeat.

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-08-01

Weekend Ending Report

Well, this weekend was more busy than I gave it credit for, I'll be working on the objectives that I laid out this week at work.

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-07-22

Weekend Update

Okay, maybe you noticed, I haven't done anything this week. I will not make excuses, it just was a very busy. This weekend I'm hoping to add dynamic urls to the cvs. It was also mentioned that the base tag may need to be delt with. Also I'm hoping to get some of the error class done. Once I have both the error class done, and dynmic urls working, I will do a minor release, and a freshmeat update.

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-07-20

Dean, version 1.6

So for those of you who are wondering why I went with version 1.6 without really adding anything; it's mainly becuase I wanted to be more explicit that I'm using the GPL before I submitted to freshmeat.

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-07-15

PHP-proxy Release, Dean 1.5 pre-alpha

Okay, so this is exactly what's in the cvs now, it seems stable.

So download it, and seen what bugs you can find.

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-07-12

PHP Proxy Source Forge Hompage Example

For all of you out there who want to see PHP-proxy in action, here's your chance.

These two pages:
are the source forge home page, plain text and encrypted respectivly.

Before you go too far, let me tell you, becuase varible sweeping is not done yet, most of the links won't work, (eg. if you click on site docs, then a documentation item it won't work.) Also, don't try to login through ssl, as I'm not working with ssl and your login name/password may be sent in plain text.... read more

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-07-12

PHP Web Proxy CVS

Well, I've kicked cvs development into high gear; I should be releasing a new version today. What does this mean? I need people to download it, use it and give me feedback. There are some very important fixes, so I strongly recomend rather than downloading and using Otto, that you get Dean (CVS version.)

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-07-10

Webproxy CVS module Dean

Dean now is at 1.2 and is the start of the next version for all of you who want to be on the bleeding edge. Dean also is a venture into ooPHP. Download the cvs now and go nuts.

This fixes a bug where with content-type; so I recomend if otto is having problems, you go with Dean.

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-07-10

PHP web proxy is being overhauled

First, let me say it always amazes me the number of people who atleast view, and download my project. This was first created as a hack, but due to the number of people who seem to find it useful, this hack is being overhauled into an acutally application.

About 2 months ago I released the last version of PHP proxy known as Otto. At that time I found another developer that had a script similar to mine, but not exactly the same.... read more

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-07-05

PHttP-proxy 0.9.1 release

PHttP-proxy, codenamed Otto, has finally been released after 3 tries today. This is released under the GPL and there should be some great updates in Symour, the next version.

Posted by Scott Atkins 2002-04-29

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