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0.8.11-r1 fix

Just download and apply this
patch to restore normal functionality. This patch changes .htaccess security files to more polite and right behavior.

Posted by VerSus 2007-11-05

0.8.11 security fixes available

This release fixes some php-include vulnerabilities, so you're better to update your installation.

Posted by VerSus 2007-10-29

At last ver. 0.8 released

A lot of time have passed from the last release. It does not mean the end of developing process. New version 0.8 has more than 50 approvements and about 100 bugfixes. Just try it.
As usual the translators from Russian to English strongly needed.

Posted by VerSus 2007-08-28

php-pm v.0.9 release announce

Sorry for a long delay in development.
Version 0.9 will come as soon as possible and it will be not "beta" but "release".
Some key changes will be made:
- GUI installation and upgrade mechanism
- Auto-login using SSL certificates
- some security fixes
- cleanup module tree
- (at last!) English translation
... and so on.
I hope php-pm v.0.9 will be released at 21, November, 2005.

Posted by VerSus 2005-10-11

Translations needed

The project has multilanguage support but unfortunately I haven't an ability to make a translation at all. So, if you can translate project strings from Russian to English or any other language then you are welcome. And big thanks to you.

Posted by VerSus 2005-05-20

0.6.5 beta released

At last 0.6.5 version of broject has been released. Huge job was made to improve the stability of system and make it more friendly. Some new key features were added, e.g. report subsystem and task search engine.

Posted by VerSus 2005-05-20

0.5.5-rc1 Release Candidate

So, this is a second release... Only few new features, but quite useful, and many others stay in mind. For example, 0.5.5 final release will include "Task tree" implementation (so you can assign a sub-tasks to task in infinite tree).

Posted by VerSus 2005-01-26

php-pm first release

So, we're released. This version is still beta, but most of the core work is done already.
If you realize some difficulties in installation, feel yourself free to contact me :)

Posted by VerSus 2004-12-27