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Project Advancement

I am proud to inform you that the project is coming along nicely. As I have said in previous news, I am working on project alone and most likely will be for some time to come.
The template system and databases management class are both in progress and working partially. (At least basic features are coded.)
I am currently working on the users system. User registration is almost done and I'm about to start cooking up (and, of course, coding) the permissions part.
That's all for now folks. I am looking forward to have a pre-release version ready for next weekend. Let's hope everything goes as expected.

Posted by Pablo Antonio 2004-09-19

Project delay

As you may have noticed, the project has been delayed. It's not that we don't want to work on the project anymore, it's just that we are too busy to do it properly (and if we're going to do something we'd better do it well).
My friend mijt is at exam period in univerisity so he will not work on this at least until October or so. Although I have lots of things to do too, I will take the responsibility and do something for the project.
Actually, we had already coded some of the core components of the site but, as time passed, we realized we can do it better and that we should start planning beforehand whatever we're going to code.
Thus, I'm going to start working on all this and I'll try to communicate whatever progress is made on the subject.
Thank you very much.

Posted by Pablo Antonio 2004-08-31

Project started!

The development of PHP-One core code was started on 11/30. Smarty template system is going to be used in this project due to it's high performance and flexibility. We are now developing the user system (Registration, Lost password procedures, etc).
We are hoping to release some files during the next month.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-12-03

Comienzo del Trabajo

En estos dias estaremos sentando bases para comenzar las versiones betas, asi pronto podremos tener algo 'visible'.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-03-08

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