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PHP Addressbook bugfixes and translations

  • More translations
  • Export to Excel and Outlook fixed
  • Groups are displayed correctly in view.php
Posted by chatelao 2015-01-10

PHP Addressbook 8.1.23 released (Update ID bug removed)

Posted by chatelao 2012-10-28

PHP Addressbook 8.1.22 released (Installer added)

The database configuration can be done even more easily.

Posted by chatelao 2012-10-23

PHP Addressbook 8.1.14 released ($use_sso bug fixed)

The nasty bug with $use_sso is fixed.

Posted by chatelao 2012-09-28

PHP Addressbook 8.1.5 released (Photo upload)

It is now possible to upload and view a photo per person. Photos from mobile phones over z-push are shared too.

Posted by chatelao 2012-06-18

PHP Addressbook 8.1 released (ActiveSync / Exchange-Mobile)

PHP Addressbook support now connections from mobile phones like iPhone or Android.

Posted by chatelao 2012-06-11

PHP Addressbook 7.0 released (Better Guess)

Beside more fields, phone numbers, e-mails and homepages are now guess from many texts with delimiters.

Posted by chatelao 2012-04-07

PHP Addressbook 6.2.1 released (better vCard)

The improved vCard for Outlook includes now "ORG" for the company and change "TEL;VOICE:" for phone2.

A huge hidden progress for csv-import is included too.

Posted by chatelao 2010-12-29

PHP Addressbook 6.2.1 released (Security fix)

A major security flaw is fixed in this version. - Please upgrade!

Posted by chatelao 2010-08-17

PHP Addressbook 6.2 released (Maps of Groups)

Geocode your address and display them on maps.

Posted by chatelao 2010-08-16

PHP Addressbook 6.0 released (Multi domain)

In v6.0 you can run multiple address books in one database using different login. - This requires a database update.

Posted by chatelao 2010-06-21

PHP Addressbook 5.8.1 released (Skin colors)

You can now choose among several skin colors.

Posted by chatelao 2010-06-17

PHP Addressbook 5.8 released (Sort columns)

Now you can sort any column of the table by alphabet.

Posted by chatelao 2010-06-16

Release 5.7.3 (Configure Columns in Index)

Now you can configure the displayed columns in the main view (index.php).

Posted by chatelao 2010-06-06

PHP Addressbook 5.7 released (vCard-Import)

Just import your vCards from LinkedIn, Xing and others.

Posted by chatelao 2010-05-16

PHP Addressbook 5.6 released (LDIF-Import)

Just import your LDIF-Exports from Thunderbird.

Posted by chatelao 2010-05-15

PHP Addressbook 5.4.9 released (Slovenian)

A new, contributed slovenian translation is included now.

Posted by chatelao 2010-04-24

PHP Addressbook 5.3 released (Login feature)

You can define users/passwords in your config.php to protect your site.

Posted by chatelao 2009-11-01

PHP Addressbook 4.0 released (Brand new look & feel)

PHP-Addressbook is now available with a brand new look & feel.

Just try it:

Posted by chatelao 2009-06-13

PHP Addressbook 3.4.8 released (All fields searchable)

Now you can search for the 2nd email address too.

Posted by chatelao 2009-05-22

PHP Addressbook 3.4.6 released (More bugs fixed)

More bugs fixed for strict PHP-Environments.

Posted by chatelao 2009-02-22

PHP Addressbook 3.4.4 released (Fix to icons display bug)

The icons in the menu are now displayed correct.

Posted by chatelao 2009-02-07

PHP Addressbook 3.4 released (Icons added to menu)

  • Icons added to menus
  • English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch menu texts improved.
Posted by chatelao 2009-01-07

PHP Addressbook 3.3.16 released (Finnish support, CSV fix)

Finnish is supported now. A bigger bug in the CSV-Export is fixed.

Posted by chatelao 2008-11-30

PHP Addressbook 3.3.15 released (Turkish & Danish support)

The turkish and danish languages are supported now.

Posted by chatelao 2008-11-29

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