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I currently have over 400 records. It shows all of them on the main page. Some pagination for some 50 first records would be nice.


  • snickers

    snickers - 2009-12-16

    Love the software, fantastic stuff. We use it for our sporting club. Has saved hours of administration work. Thank you.

    We have over 400 contacts now and the rendering time on the home page is making the application un-usable.

    Any chance of of adding pagination sometime soon?

    Please? Pretty please?

    After all, it's Christmas. Think of the children!

  • snickers

    snickers - 2009-12-16

    The main challenge I see with adding pagination is that it'll knock out the ajax driven search. Which is a shame because the ajax filter is a great feature.

    I spoke to our user community about it. Most of the time we view a specific group (because the "all" view takes ages to render), and only sometimes use the filter.

    With the amount of contacts we have, they'd prefer a slower filter (post/get) if it resulted in the "all" view rendering quicker.

  • chatelao

    chatelao - 2009-12-22

    Hi everybody, I know about the lame rendering, but did'nt yet find the cause. - Pagination may be a solution, but maybe it is possible to make it really fast.
    => Any suggestions / solutions are welcome :-)

    n.b.: The Ajay search will filter the result after loading in any case.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The ajax filter isn't slow. But for some browsers there's quite a delay when rendering 200+ records. And it's the usual suspects. On my notebook, IE is 6-7 seconds, Firefox 3-4 seconds and Chrome 2 seconds.

    The ajax filter only filters rows which are displayed. Currently, all records are displayed so the filter works fine. But if paging is implemented, the ajax filter will only filter the records displayed. So if you're after a set of records that appear on two pages, the ajax filter won't display the matching records on the other page.

    Most paged lists I've seen apply the filter first, then paging. If paging was implemented, the current ajax filter would need to be changed to make a server call to get a new set of records and recalc the paging, instead of iterating through the displayed list. I think only being able to filter a page of records is a little unintuitive.

    Or another option would be to have a filter per column which is posted back to the server or done via ajax.

  • snickers

    snickers - 2009-12-24

    that nobody comment below was me.



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