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Version 1.1-Beta released

Version 1.1-Beta is in the download section available. Some GUI-Elements were redesigned and a lot of bugfixes send by users were fixed. Thanks to all users using the "Send Bug-Report"-feature.

Posted by jensgoe 2009-02-16

PhotoFilmStrip at Trophées du Libre

PhotoFilmStrip is registered at the free software award TL09. I am looking forward how the jury decides ;-)

Posted by jensgoe 2009-01-22

Version 1.0 has been released

I am proud to pronounce the first official release of PhotoFilmStrip. Version 1.0 is available in the download section. Supported platforms are Ubuntu Linux, MS-Windows and any platform on which runs Python2.5 with wxPython and PIL.

Posted by jensgoe 2008-12-03

First BETA release

I proudly pronounce that the first BETA release is available now. Rendering PhotoFilmStrip is done much faster and a new help system with detailed descriptions is included now.

Posted by jensgoe 2008-11-22

First release availabe!

The first version 0.70 of PhotoFilmStrip has been released and is available in the Download section. A deb-packacke for an easy installation is available.

Posted by jensgoe 2008-10-12